We could all learn something from the royal touch | Kevin McKenna

Crossing social classes can be done, even in GlasgowThe tale was buried deep inside the Scottish satellite edition of a London newspaper, but it startled me all the same: “Britons afraid to talk politics with those from another class or race.” It wasn’t the revelation that we were queasy about the subject of politics that jolted me, you understand, but the casual use of the word “class”.The analysis, by the British election survey, was based on interviews with more than 20,000 people across the UK. Among its findings was that eight in 10 people never discussed current affairs with members of “a different social class”. I began to wonder what little red flags lit up their synapses as it dawned that they might be about to discuss politics with a member of hoi polloi. The close escape would be discussed over the alfalfa crepes and organic chickpea salad. Continue reading......
4 Published By - Network Front | The Guardian - 2017.08.12. 19:05
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