Remainers will get nowhere by continuing to shout: ‘Told you so’ | Anne McElvoy

There is a strong case against Brexit, but it must be made without condescending to those who voted for itIf liberals are so right, why are so many electorates finding us unpalatable? Progressive sorts, who believe that openness – to ideas, migration and trade – brings more benefits than closing off minds and borders are popular with each other. Sometimes they win power – Emmanuel Macron in France, Angela Merkel, most likely again in Germany next month. But they are not in the White House, nor are their near-cousins, Remainers, winning the argument in Britain.Thomas Frank’s salty account, Listen, Liberal, on why America’s Democrats, left-liberal media and intellectual class failed to stop Donald Trump becoming president is one of the more honest attempts to answer that conundrum. Frank’s thesis is that they are still failing to convince most of those who voted for the dangerous pyrotechnic tweeter in the White House that he is on the wrong path: “The news media’s alarms about Trump have been shrieking at high C for more than a year,” he wrote in the Guardian. Continue reading......
14 Published By - Network Front | The Guardian - 2017.08.12. 19:05
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