It took 20 hours to make this masterful Lego stained-glass tile

Stained-glass artwork has been inspiring awe for centuries, with some of the world's most famous works found in churches and other places of worship around the globe.

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Like the mesmerizing stained-glass windows of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

The Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey.Image: Fred Bigio/FlickrOr the captivating Glass of Chartres Cathedral in France

Medieval stained-glass of the Gothic Cathedral of Chartres, Chartres, France.Image: Funkystock/REX/ShutterstockBut a more recent work has graced us with its utter stained-glass majesty, and it comes from a place of raw, unbridled passion: Read more...More about Art, Lego, Artist, Stained Glass, and Culture...
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