Charlottesville is a Symptom of a Much Greater Problem in America Today

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So I was walking around Maine today, without a phone, totally unplugged from the world. Since I'm a personable person, quite affable at times, I conversed with lots of strangers, many people who might disagree with my 'world view.' Although I have strong opinions, I'm mature enough to know my ideas are meaningless time fodder, the result of theories concocted through emotional and cognitive experiences. Too many Americans actually think their ideas matter. They're told this lie by the media and their politicians all the time, in an effort to trick people into thinking we live in a participatory democracy. Everyone is trying to ram their ideologies down the necks of others, which of course results in backlash.

The vast majority of people just want to larp around, drink something strong, and procreate. I can't think of the last time when I thought discussing politics was a good idea for casual conversation. I did it more when I was younger, filled with vigor -- stuck in the amber of idealism. I've always felt dreadful after engaging in political debate -- even with people who totally agreed with me. It's a time sink down the hole of...
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